Technical Information

Removal instructions for our range of products


Best removed in ambient temperatures

  • Wet coating with water / detergent mix
  • Allow 30 seconds for water to penetrate
  • Pick top right or left hand corner of Protective sheeting
  • Gently peel downwards in 1 sheet
  • If any gripping, spray water behind coating while removing
  • Pick up all removed coating off sills, pathways, ground etc. and place in designated site bin


Best removed in ambient temperatures

  • Pick the coating at the edge of the benchtop
  • Gently peel off coating in one sheet
  • If any gripping (heat of the day), lightly wet coating with water
  • Pick up all removed coating off the floor, sink etc. and place it in designated site bin


  • Pick at the coating around the plug hole
  • Gently peel and lift the coating
  • If any gripping, wet the coating with water
  • Pick up all removed coating off the floor, vanities etc. and place in the designated site bin


Best removed in sections

  • Pick the coating in a corner
  • Lift the FloorGoop up and start peeling backwards slowly, ensuring the film stays as one sheet
  • Where there are grout joins, simply peel off slowly to avoid the tearing of film
  • Roll removed product into a ball and dispose of in the designated site bin


Bath Goop

Booth Goop

Booth Goop – Translucent

Multi Goop

Window Goop Original

Window Goop 2





The removal of Goop products is quite simple, provided that the person who applied the Goop product has done so to manufacturer’s specifications. This is why it’s best to use the services of a fully trained Goop Guys Franchisee.

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