Booth Goop

Peelable spray booth protective coating that rolls on and peels off.

Paint booths by their very nature are bound to get build-up of paint and overspray.

This is incredibly tough to clean and scrape off the panels of the spraybooth, and it also takes time away from your core business. Enter Booth Goop to the rescue!

Booth Goop is an inventive way to keep your paint booths clean without the hassle of scrapers, cleaners or hazardous chemicals. Simply paint Booth Goop on your booth and after about 3-6 months (depending on how contaminated the coating becomes), you simply peel the protective Goop film off and re-apply a new protective coating to the booth.

When applied to floors it is recommended that two coats of our peelable protective coating be applied to allow for foot traffic, but it can also be applied in one thick coat if required due to its ability to self-thicken. Able to withstand heat, water and thinners, Booth Goop is ideal for low and high-bake booths and is also used extensively in mixing rooms for benchtops and floors, as it is resistant to thinners.

Booth Goop is non-hazardous and water-based. It’s efficient and environmentally friendly, and can be disposed of in general waste.

Although there are other alternatives on the market that can provide surface protection, they cause some difficulties during the removal stage. Some need to be high-pressure blasted off the walls for removal before reapplying new protection, which means less time working on customers vehicles as time is needed for the vents and filters to dry.

Booth Goop is also made in Australia and is less expensive than the competition.


Minimal effort, maximum results with Booth Goop for spray booths

Here at Goop we understand how important it is to have your spray booth up and running, so we formulated a product that makes it possible for you to do just that! Our specialty product, Booth Goop, is a must for panel beaters and car enthusiasts, and does a spectacular job of keeping workshops and booths clean and ready for use.