Nick Stuart


Phone: 1300 MR GOOP (67 4667)

Meet Nick

Nick is the Goop Guys Toowoomba franchise owner, has been in the construction industry for over 30 years and is a qualified builder with a wealth of knowledge. Nick is very familiar with the Toowoomba region and has great connections in the local community.

Nick is very passionate about his work and highly recommends goop surface protection to anyone building.

What do you love about your job?
I love meeting new people and customers out on site. It’s great hearing about their stories and where they are from.

What’s your favourite product to use and why?
I love Window Goop. It’s a great product that is easy to apply and easy to remove. It keeps glass from being scratched and damaged during construction. The fact that it peels off easily is a winner on its own!

Tell us about your most interesting job to date?
My most interesting job would have been a three storey home I did on the edge of the Toowoomba range. The views were spectacular and looked over the Brisbane Valley. It was great protecting the surfaces for those customers!

Who’s your favourite football team?
I love a good round of golf and love to watch it too!

Testimonials for Nick

“We have been using Goop surface protection during the construction of some of our residential homes recently and are very happy with the results. Nick and the Goop Team provide a great service and product and we would recommend this to anyone.”
Elyse Janke

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Goop® Products

Window Goop

Protect windows and say goodbye to damaged or dirty glass on your building site with our peel off glass paint

Bench Goop

Protect benchtops with our commercial grade protective system, perfect for construction and renovations.

Bath Goop

Goop your bathtub to avoid costly cleaning and resurfacing of bathtubs after construction.

Floor Goop

Protect a wide range of floor types during construction with Floor Goop

Booth Goop

This is incredibly tough to clean and scrape off the panels of the spraybooth, and it also takes time away from your core business. Enter Booth Goop to the rescue!

Blockout Goop

Premium coating system designed to block light from windows and all types of glass

Another way of using Window Goop!

Protecting the inside of your glass panels is not something many builders think about, but it makes sense to protect your valuable assets. Window Goop can easily be applied to internal glass to provide full frame and glass protection and peace of mind.