Nathan Tattler

Sydney South

Phone: 1300 MR GOOP (67 4667)

Meet Nathan & Natalie

Meet Nathan and Natalie, Goop Guys Sydney South Franchise Owners.

This Mother & Son duo work tirelessly to ensure they provide a full service to their construction clients. They love providing a range services so that their clients surfaces are protected and tradies on the job sites can continue on and do their jobs without worrying about damaging the finishes around them. Goop is a one stop shop when it comes to temporary construction protection!

With a wealth of knowledge on all things GOOP products and the GOOP brand, this duo are busy and well sort after amongst builders in Sydney South suburbs.

What do you love about your job Nathan?
I love that I can provide a renowned product that helps protect my clients valuable assets. Saving them time and money!

What’s your favourite product to use and why?
Window Goop is my favourite Goop product, as it protects the glass and frames from scratches, general damage and makes cleaning windows for handover a breeze.

Tell us about your most interesting job to date.
The most interesting job I have and am still currently on is our current project at Greenhills Beach NSW. The builder has us protecting their concrete walls which form the structure of the building. Not only are we protecting something valuable, we get amazing beach side views everyday. Plus seeing a full size basketball court, full size tennis court and a massive swimming pool being built isn’t a bad sight either.

Who’s your favourite football team Nathan?
My favourite sport to watch is the biathlon in the winter Olympics. The skill and stamina required to perform cross country skiing and then rifle discipline is truly amazing and awesome to watch.

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Goop® Products

Window Goop

Protect windows and say goodbye to damaged or dirty glass on your building site with our peel off glass paint

Bench Goop

Protect benchtops with our commercial grade protective system, perfect for construction and renovations.

Bath Goop

Goop your bathtub to avoid costly cleaning and resurfacing of bathtubs after construction.

Floor Goop

Protect a wide range of floor types during construction with Floor Goop

Booth Goop

This is incredibly tough to clean and scrape off the panels of the spraybooth, and it also takes time away from your core business. Enter Booth Goop to the rescue!

Blockout Goop

Premium coating system designed to block light from windows and all types of glass

Minimal effort, maximum results with Booth Goop for spray booths

Here at Goop we understand how important it is to have your spray booth up and running, so we formulated a product that makes it possible for you to do just that! Our specialty product, Booth Goop, is a must for panel beaters and car enthusiasts, and does a spectacular job of keeping workshops and booths clean and ready for use.