Krystal Hoppe

Mornington Peninsula

Phone: 1300 MR GOOP (67 4667)

Meet Krystal

Meet Krystal – Goop Guys Mornington Peninsula Franchise Owner

Krystal looks after the Mornington Peninsula region and has been a part of the Goop Guys team for many years. With extensive experience and knowledge about the products, Krystal offers reliable service and passion for the Goop brand.

Quality service and ensuring surfaces in a new build are protected is the priority of Krystal and her team.

What do you love about your job Krystal?
I love that we are able to spend time with our family and work on our business while raising two beautiful girls. I love working in different locations multiple times a day – it keeps cabin fever at bay and I get to see different places all the time.

What’s your favourite product to use and why?
My favourite product would have to be Bath Goop. Firstly, because it’s purple. Also the way it can protect baths and shower bases so easily is fantastic. So many trades have commented that they know the bath is protected as soon as they see it because of the purple.

Tell us about your most interesting job to date.
We get so many interesting jobs, however one of my personal favourites is one that we did on the Mornington Peninsula facing the water with magnificent views. Hard not to take your time on that job when you just want to take in the breathtaking landscape.

Who’s your favourite football team?
NRL is the best sport of the two (AFL & NRL) so definitely Brisbane Broncos and Queensland Maroons. However, living in Victoria, you have to follow a team, so we follow St Kilda…still waiting for them to win, their time is coming!!!!

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Protect benchtops with our commercial-grade protective system, perfect for construction and renovations. Whether it be a granite & stone, stainless steel, or marble benchtop, we got you covered.

Bath Goop

We all know how messy construction sites get - especially bathrooms. Goop your bathtub to avoid costly cleaning and resurfacing of bathtubs after construction.

Floor Goop

Protect your floors during construction with Floor Goop. Whether you have concrete, tiles, timber or wooden floors - protect them from any potential damage during construction.

Booth Goop

Protect your paint booth with Booth Goop! Our innovative way to keep your paint booths clean without the hassle of scrapers, cleaners or hazardous chemicals.

Blockout Goop

Blockout windows and glass easily with our peel off glass paint - Blockout Goop. Premium coating system designed to block light & protect windows during construction.

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