The benefits of Window Goop

Window Goop

Window Goop is a water-based peelable protective glass coating that has successfully protected thousands of square metres of windows. Our trademarked product is recognised as the world’s leading product in protecting glass windows during construction and protects aluminium joinery too.

Like all our products, Window Goop is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and is suitable for the temporary scratch protection of all glass surfaces including Low E coated glass.

Why use Window Goop?

Window Goop can also be applied to external and the internal glass.

Recently, one of our customers was stripping the house back to frame inside but keeping the existing windows. They called Goop Guys to the job to provide full frame and glass protection.

This eliminated scratches and debris damaging the expensive glass and aluminium frames during demolition.

Another advantage is the finish of Window Goop - once dried, it also keeps prying eyes from seeing into your rebuild whilst still allowing all natural light to shine through. This makes it a great option for shop fit outs too!

Light effects and security

Apart from all the known advantages of Window Goop, this opaque finish of Window Goop is perfect for letting light through whilst keeping building materials and work hidden from passers-by.

Recently we protected windows on some projects and one of the biggest complimentary comments received was how little the Window Goop effected the lighting internally of the rooms.

As Window Goop dries to an opaque finish, it doesn’t dull the light nor have any effect on the colouring or lighting within the room which is great for trades trying to work inside, especially on dull, cloudy days.

As can be seen here, Window Goop merely softens the sharpness of the sunlight.

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