Why use Bath Goop?

Bath Goop is a product specially designed to protect baths during the construction period.

Bath Goop is applied quite thick, so when trades drop things and stand in the bath it is protected from damage.

Before the application of Bath Goop, the front edge is taped as well as around the bath leaving room for plasterboard and tiles, so the other trades don’t need to peel it back. Also around the waste so if it’s not plumbed in, the plumber has room do this.

More and more builders are seeing the benefits of protecting their baths with Bath Goop.

As you can see from the photos below it is an absolute must and a very cheap insurance against replacing damaged baths.

Another great Goop product for windows!

Window Goop is a product designed to protect glass during the construction stage of a house. The Australian-made temporary glass coating protects glass from being scratched and damaged.