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Goop around the world

New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia and China are just some of the countries where Goop is being used. Read More


Floor Goop saves the day

Home renovations and trades can be hard to coordinate. If you're painting after you've installed your flooring, or still have trades needing to finish the interior, use Floor Goop. It can be applied to floating floors, tiles and polished concrete protecting the exposed surface. Read More

Why use Bath Goop?

Bath Goop is the leading water-based peelable bathtub coating, and has successfully protected thousands of steel and acrylic bathtubs. Read More

Franchising with Goop Guys

The Goop Guys team is focused on helping franchisees building a successful business. We can help with any questions you have. Read More

Environmentally-friendly construction with Goop

Goop is the environmentally-friendly alternative for protecting your glass, bath, floors and more. For home-renovators and builders alike. Read More


Have you heard of Booth Goop?

If you talk to our head office team on the Sunny Coast of Queensland, you will find we have a few car enthusiasts within our ranks. So if anyone is going to know about and appreciate freshly painted cars and the value of Booth Goop, it’s us! Read More

What's Blockout Goop?

Are you looking for a quick, easy and cost effective way to create privacy, prevent UV damage to interiors, or even create mystery for a shop launch? Blockout Goop from Goop Manufacturing is a premium coating system designed to block light from windows and all types of glass.