Blockout Goop for windows

Security for your home

Building your dream home is an exciting time.

Picking your dream flooring, benchtops, baths and fittings is so important, as you create your new home where you will live for years to come.

After so much dedicated planning, it makes sense that you wouldn’t want your home to be exposed to unwanted criminal attention.

Unfortunately, crime rates within new building estates are on the rise, and it’s not always possible to ensure the safety of your new home towards the end of the build and during move in.

Curtains and blinds made to measure can take months and your furniture and valuables could potentially be left in full view of unwanted eyes.

Goop Guys comes to the rescue again with a wonderful product which is starting to gain traction in the industry for new home owners.

Blockout Goop is a revolutionary temporary surface protection and temporary security measure, available in two colours, white or black, to provide a complete blockout for your peace of mind. Just give us a call and we will come out a apply it to the windows of your choice.

Don’t take your security for granted, call us today on 1300 735 496.

Bathroom happiness starts with Bath Goop

During building and construction, some of the most costly mistakes happen in the bathroom, just after expensive baths and bathroom accessories have been installed. Bath Goop was specifically designed to protect bathroom features from waste and building debris.