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Goop is an environmentally friendly product, made to protect a wide range of surfaces

Commercial Grade products

Our Australian-made temporary protective coating system is suitable for all commercial applications

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Temporary Surface Protection for Construction & Painting

What is GOOP?

Peelable Protective Coating

Goop® is a ‘Paint On – Peel Off’ water-based, non-hazardous protection coating system that is proudly made in Australia using the highest quality ingredients. Our range of temporary peelable coatings has been reducing costs for builders and renovators for almost 20 years, preserving all matter of surfaces from glass to benchtops, bathtubs and more. On top of that, it can be easily removed- you just peel it off.

How can GOOP be used?

Goop is a temporary, protective coating that can be easily applied to protect heavy-duty surfaces during construction or painting or other commercial applications. It can also be used to block out windows and glass. Goop is quickly applied by roller brush application and after the drying time, it becomes a translucent, durable and tough coating that protects against debris such as glues and silicones. Goop can last up to 12 months undercover.

Save time (and money)!

Goop is engineered to be versatile and protects a wide range of surfaces at minimum cost. Finding cost effective, Australian-made, environmentally friendly products for your project is so easy with Goop.

Environmentally Friendly

We’re proud to say that Goop is safe to use and is kind to the environment. Once your job is finished, Goop can be disposed in the same manner you dispose of usual rubbish.

Australian Made

Goop Director and Inventor, Shane Copley, developed Goop right here, on the Sunny Coast of Australia. Our focus is, and always has been, on creating quality affordable products.

Goop Surface Protection

You can use Goop for a variety of different surfaces. Goop is non-hazardous and water-based protection coating system. What surface would you like to protect? Our products include:

Window Goop

Protect windows and say goodbye to damaged and dirty glass on your building site with our peel off glass paint. Window Goop can help cover the details you don't want showing during renovation. Simply peel off Window Goop when you are done.

Bench Goop

Easily protect benchtops with our commercial-grade surface protection system, perfect for commercial applications and renovations. Whether it be a granite & stone, stainless steel, or marble benchtop, we got you covered. Simply use a roller to apply Goop to the surface for guaranteed protection.

Blockout Goop

Blockout windows and glass easily with our peel off coating - Blockout Goop. Premium coating system designed to block light & keep protection on your windows during building. Once the construction phase is over, you can easily peel off the Goop from the surfaces.

Bath Goop

We all know how messy construction sites can get with dirt, residue, mould and rust - especially bathrooms after long periods of time. Use Goop simply with a roller for temporary protection on all surfaces on your bathtub. Avoid costly cleaning and resurfacing of bathtubs after building.

Booth Goop

Protect your paint booth with Booth Goop! Peelable spray booth protective coating that you roll on and peels off. Our innovative way to keep your spray booths clean with a simple coat, without the hassle of scrapers, cleaners or hazardous chemicals. Simple peel off system when you are done.

Floor Goop

Protect your the surface of your floors during construction with Floor Goop. Whether you have concrete, tiles, timber or wooden floors - protect them from any potential damage during construction.

Goop Guys - Expert Application

Goop Guys are expertly trained professionals who apply all of these Australian-Made Goop® products. Our team will visit your jobsite, at an agreed day & time to ensure you have protected surfaces during your building, construction or renovation phase. We align our application service to protect prior to the most damaging phase of the project (before brick work, rendering, sanding, glues, grouts, painting, cementing, tiling, plastering and many, many more etc).


Bath Goop

We all know how messy construction sites get, especially bathrooms. When designing, building or renovating a home, seeing the completed bathroom for the first time is one of those WOW moments. So it makes sense to have it looking spic and span at...

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We don’t complete a high end project without the assistance of the Goop Guys. For a small investment in window protection, they save us and our clients any dramas around damage to the glass. Choosing to use the Goop Guys is a no brainer....Read More
Mike Hilton, Director - Beach Houses Australia
I can’t recommend the Goop Guys enough. Their glass protection products are great and can save you heaps of money if accidents happen. Since we started using the Goop Guys, I couldn’t imagine not using them. They even take the time to tape all of...Read More
John Taylor, Director - Oceanview Constructions
Goop guys have been servicing the Plantation Homes business for more than 12 Years. During this time I have found Goop Guys commitment to quality service. Their competitive pricing and extensive protective product range have help reduce costs...Read More
Alex Raleigh, QLD Business Mananger - Plantation Homes
I have been using Goop Guys for 3 years now on multi residential projects and have found their service to be exemplary. The product is awesome and cleaners love it as it peels off easily and protects our glazing and aluminium. Wouldn’t use anything...Read More
Deen Suleman, Project Manager - McNab
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